Who is 3 Minute Piano?

Veteran professional music lesson company, Homestyle Music, administrates and owns 3 Minute Piano.  Unless otherwise noted, professional instructional videos for piano are taught by Katie Hester.  Homestyle Music was established and licensed in Acworth, GA beginning in 2007. In 2009, it began to expand into neighboring cities.

Homestyle Music is a regional provider of excellent lessons in piano or guitar for individual students meeting with teachers in students' homes.  We also offer piano lessons, flute lessons, or guitar lessons in Acworth at our studio.  We offer piano lessons at our studio in Kennesaw.   In order to make professional music instruction more accessible and available to students, 3 Minute Piano was created.  Homestyle Music was developed out of a passion for sharing music with others.  The company believes music enriches a person's life beyond measure. The following is a list of benefits to studying music:

Concentration: The study of music demands that one focuses on reading, muscle coordination, timing, and aesthetics all at the same time. Therefore, music study also increases a student's ability to multitask.

Muscle Development:  The study of an instrument, or of voice, requires the use of finely tuned muscles. Musical instruments, in particular, help to develop better eye-hand coordination in the performer.

Social Interaction:  Students learn how to prepare for live performance.  There are life-long social opportunities to share music with others as students progress in their studies (bands, competitions, groups, etc.).
Accomplishment: It is absolutely rewarding when students realize how far they have progressed and that they can share music with others.  Homestyle Music  works with students to bring them to a place of success! 

Creativity and Self-Expression:  Homestyle Music believes that people are innately creative. The studies of piano, guitar, voice, or any musical instrument helps to harness creative abilities and bring out the best in students.

A happy student with teacher Katie Hester!

A happy student with teacher Katie Hester!

About Your Teacher:

Katie Hester has studied music for over 20 years.  She attained a B.A. in Music Education with a concentration on flute performance at Wayne State University.  Her love for several styles of music and instruments has inspired her to continue studies in piano, guitar, and saxophone.  She has taught music lessons for over 20 years.  Katie has taught piano, guitar, flute, and other music lessons in Acworth, and surrounding areas since 2007.  She has 5 years experience as a band and general music director in public and private schools. 

Katie has performed in numerous bands/orchestras as well as solo.  She is experienced in classical, rock, jazz/blues and Contemporary Christian music.  She is able to perform by reading or by ear.  Katie believes in achieving musical success with all students.  This is accomplished through a focus on the fundamentals of rhythm, reading notes, understanding theory, etc.  She is determined to have students who enjoy learning music.  After all, a student who enjoys a subject is likely to continue studying it!  You can hear Katie's compositions on flute, guitar, and piano as well as learn flute at her flute school on www.katieflute.com.

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